Try it :

use the panel to adjust the setting. and watch the result.

How to setup :

There are 2 way to use CyberCircleGenerator, dynamic or custom each layer.

To create a single layer of CyberCircle.

  1. Create a empty Gameobject on the scene.
  2. Add Component <CircleLayer>
  3. fill in parameter [Mesh,Skin,Mask,Color….etc]
  4. You done, run & watch result.

If you want to create a dynamic generator.

  1. You can find prefabs\RandomCircleMatrix.prefab in package.
  2. Drag it into scene.
  3. edit the parameter in inspector as you want.
  4. run & watch result.

PS :

For the texture used in this package,I provided a source file
at \\Assets\Textures\PSD\Circle.psd & Mask.psd
open it with “adobe photoshop” and you can custom your mask & layer.

Description : 

A tools to generator circle and whirl.

If you want to make some decoration for your sci-fi ui, you may want to try this.

CyberCircle001 CyberCircle002 CyberCircle003

Know issue :

  • Texture are missing, only saw a pink plane!
    Unity optimization may cause this, try to put the texture you need into following folder (choose one)
    those texture will not be ignore when compile.
  • Shader not work, seem so dark
    Unity optimization may cause this, the solution is simple, just put that shader into unity
    Edit > Project Settings > Graphics > Always Included Shaders ….
    as following screenshot




3 comments to “CyberCircleGenerator”
  1. Can you add a way to expose Sorting Layer and Layer Order in an update? I use them to sort my game, but I can’t seem to get it to work with the circle asset. Thanks!

  2. Easy hack
    add these to the script
    public String SortingLayerName;
    public int LayerOrder;

    then in Start()
    if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(SortingLayerName))
    SortingLayerName = “Default”;

    then add in AddLayer()
    _layer.GetComponent().sortingLayerName = SortingLayerName;
    _layer.GetComponent().sortingOrder = LayerOrder;

    • thanks for your suggestion
      GameObject Layer, Sorting Layer, Tags are also added in new version, you can select you layer on inspector please check it out.

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