Try DevManager Demo here. (fullscreen recommend)


Download here :


What is “DevManager”

It’s a tiny tools for developer debug on a machine “without” unity editor.
being test under C#

Features :

  • Display you lovely icon on Dock 😀
  • Dock control all registered GUI window’s visibility.
  • Support OnFocus() / OnBlur() function when GUI Window selected.

How to use DevManager :

  1. Create a empty gameobject and add “DevManager.cs” script to this object.
    or you may want to use my standard perfab in package, it’s up to you 😀
    It’s finished the basic setup.

    1. In inspector, you can see a DevSetting they are
      • Logo Icon
        • put your icon in here 😀
      • visible (Default : false)
        • you can control visible of DevManager with other function.
      • Allow Trigger By Key (Default : Enable)
        • Allow or Disallow player using the assign key to toggle DevManager menu.
      • Trigger MenuKey (Default : Scroll Lock)
        • A key to toggle DevManager visiable,
          Don’t forget to use that button to trigger DevManager display in released gameplay.
      • Window Start Address (Default : 1000)
        • each GUIWindow have a unique ID, DevManager start at setting number.
      • Dock Skin / Win Skin
        • you can design your own screen.

There are some other tools develop for the DevManager.
[Free version] DevManager : Customize your own plugin

[Free version] DevLogViewer :
With this tool you can easily check your editor console logs inside the game.

[Free version] DevDetectLeak
A copy of Unity(Pro) > profiler function.
list all gameobject, texture, blah blah blah……. number of those elements
when something glow up without control, its danger >_<!

[Pro version] DevComponentLoader
A tools to dynamic add a perfab/gameobject into the scene.

[Pro version] DevConsole
A tools for someone who still love the command console.
allow trigger something by user input.

[Pro version] DevCamera
A tools for the player control the extends camera, and fly anywhere in the scene.


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