Customize your own plugin

DevManager document :

[Optional] for programmer who need to create thier own GUI window by DevManager.

  1. Create your own script, and register GUI window simply just extends a class “MonoBehaviourDev.cs”.
    for example we create a script call “HelloWorld.cs”
    and add “HelloWorld.cs” to any gameobject on scene.
  2. When this script running on scene, it created a empty GUIWindow. (push the button on Dock bar)
  3. Now back to the code.
    override a class call “HandleDebugGUI()” and run the game.
    public override void HandleDebugGUI ()
    	GUILayout.Label("Hello World.");
  4. Now you got the result like this.
  5. about GUI & GUILayout, you may find in here.
  6. One more thing, you may needed to know.
    when using “MonoBehaviourDev” following method will need extends the parent method.
    • OnEnable()
    • OnDisable()
    • OnGUI()
    • OnFocus()
    • OnBlur()

    something like this.

    public override void OnEnable ()
    	base.OnEnable (); // don't remove this line.
    	// you can write you code here.


[The end of DevManager framework description.]


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