A tools for the player control the extends camera, and fly anywhere in the scene.
** you will need DevManager to run this script. **

Feature :

  • As same as Unity Editor’s scene camera movement method.
  • Toggle between fullscreen & your custom preview screen.

Usage :

  1. Create a Camera object
  2. [Optional] Remove all those “Flare Layer”, “GUILayer”, “Audio Listener”
  3. add “DevConsole.cs” at than object.
  4. Start the game.
  5. Now you can see the screen like this.
    the screen on bottom right is the DevCamera.
  6. You will find the tips on the upper-left screen.
    • F1 to toggle display of tips.
    • F2 to Get/Release the movement control of DevCamera
    • F3 to toggle fullscreen.
    • F4 to jump to any other camera in the scene.
    • W,A,S,D for forward,back,left,right direction.
    • Q,E for down, up direction.
    • Shift for Speed multiply
  7. [Optional] Suggest you using DevCamera by DevComponentLoader,
    cause you can’t unload the DevCamera when you directly drag into scene.
    and DevComponentLoader can handle this.

The end of DevCamera description.


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