A tools to dynamic add a perfab/gameobject into the scene.
** you will need DevManager to run this script. **

Feature :

  • Add / Remove the selected gameobject into scene, with a single click.
  • Assign clone object ‘s parent.
  • Assign clone object’s spawn position at scene.
  • Config the cloneable maximum number.
  • Clone object with rename as “xxxxx (Clone 001)”
    when something go wrong you may easier to found out by their number.

Usage :

  1. Create a empty gameobject, add “DevComponentLoader.cs” at than object.
  2. Select prefab loader
    design how many gameobject / perfab you may want to load in game.
    [they wouldn’t loaded into scene, until you click it.]
  3. Adjust the Loader size.
    • Element > Prefab
      drag the Gameobject or Perfab you want to be clone in game.
    • Element > Parent
      setup clone object’s transform parent.
    • Element > Spawn Point
      the transform location of the global scene.
    • Element > Allow Cloned
      the number to control the maximum number of cloned object.
  4. After setup you DevComponentLoader now you may run the game.
  5. Open up DevManager menu (Default key : scroll lock)
  6. Switch on “DevComponentLoader” on Dock. then you will see the GUIWindow like this.
  7. Now simply just click on “Create” button, there you will found your object was created.
  8. Also you can use “Delete All” or “Delete” button to destroy gameobject you created before.

The end of DevComponentLoader description.



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