DevLogViewer : 
With this tool you can easily check your editor console logs inside the game.
** you will need DevManager to run this script. **

Feature :

  • check your console log in game, on any platform.
  • filter base on class / thread name.
  • log time & detail trace.
  • identity log type by color.
    • Debug.Log = Color.white
    • Debug.LogWarning = Color.yellow
    • Debug.LogError =
  • basic in-game time scale control.

How to use DevLogViewer :

  1. You will need DevManager at scene already.
  2. Create a empty gameobject, and add “DevLogViewer.cs” on than object.
  3. Done.

Usage :

  1. Open up DevManager menu (Default key : scroll lock)
  2. Switch on “DevLogViewer” on Dock. then you will see the GUIWindow like this.
  3. function of those button.
    • Filter – toggle on will display a list like this.
      it’s a filter function let user filtering the debug log base on dispatch function class.
    • Max length – is the maximum number of log display on GUIWindow.
      Clear – clear all log in this GUIWindow
      Normal – Normal log display
      Warn – Warning log display
      Error – Error log display
      Collapse – if duplicate log keep dispatching in a short period, will display only 1 time
      Auto Scroll – auto scrolling the page to the lastest row of log
    • Time – control time scale in-game.
    • double click on those log you may found the log stace trace, in green color.

The end of DevLogViewer description.


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