Raycast Gizmos visualizer

Raycast Gizmos visualizer 1.0

Quick tutorial For beginner :

if you want to know what is raycast, and what is it for, a quick answer is a sensor for in-game character seeing/touching things.
you can find more information from Unity tutorial site. click here.

How gun shooting object.

Raycast Gizmos visualizer is a candy tools for developer.
By wrapping the build-in physics raycasting methods, we able to intercept the RaycastHit result and create a visual for that.
Therefore the developers are easier for parameters tuning and test the result.

For more information:


  • Visualize raycast shape and result directly in the scene view.
  • Zero GC allocation
  • UnityEvents Supported: OnHit(Transform);
  • Offset, unsync rotation
  • Full source code.
  • Decentralized architecture separated for { Raycast, SphereCast, BoxCast, CapsuleCast… },
    you can access those structure directly.

    • by accessing those struct, you able to define the Raycast similar to Unity API document.

Extra Read :

learn more about Raycasting.  click here.