UGUI fit parent’s size based on child’s text

UGUI fit parent’s size based on child’s text

In Unity3D, we often wanted to use a huge text box to display lot of text, when we do we wanted to enable the scrollview.
however the default setup of Scrollview didn’t support the text adjustment.
but with a few step you can create your extendable Scrollview based on the text.

To do that, simply apply the following setup on top of the “text” component.
it could be scrollview > Content , or any Panel.

The core idea was this LayoutGroup can control the child’s width/height.
and “Text” component will flee those information based on it’s content size.
but the “Parent” in this case “Scrollview’s Content” had “ContentSizeFitter” component which will use those information to setup it’s own size.


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