CameraBot, (Beta)

CameraBot, (Beta)

Camera Project

After several month, luckly I have time to update my camera script,

For now on I give it a project name “CameraBot”, planned to put it on Asset store.

in this 2 days, I try my best to improve my EditorGUI knowledge, luckly the result are not disappointed.

The camera setting on inspector can now easily setting label & color

Camera can setup the ExtendLookAt point, which is relative on the “chase target”

Easy to Switch Camera, and pass input to the CameraBot


And here is the demo :

Demo 1

“Escape” to unlock mouse,

Standard movement control [W,A,S,D,Space + Mouse]

0~5 to change camera setup.

Demo 2

“Escape” to unlock mouse,

“Mouse” to lock around.

1~4 to change camera setup.


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