Test case : import file from MMD to Unity3D

Test case : import file from MMD to Unity3D

Import MMD pmx & vmd to unity3d

Just import the MMD character(pmx) into unity3d with the dance animation.

export into humanoid rigging with mecanim.

  • Space = dance
  • Tab = toggle browser fullscreen
  • View control key list on the left-top of the screen.

Oops… Just before I submit the web play version test scene on this blog, I found some problem, a big one.

the file size of scene are too big.. too Fxxking BIG. it take me almost one day to optimization the project,

the original web play version nearly 98mb.

and the final version of this post only 9.68mb.

why cause it so big?

after several hours try and error, finially sort out some problems.

Too manay unnecessary information

as you can see, after convert from pmx to fbx, the imported vmd include ALL nodes of the charactar, thats a huge amount of data if we want to animate it



all you need to do is remove all unnecessary node at Animations>Mask>Transform>*

in fact the hairs, tail things already have rigging in model, you guys can append the real time phyical method on it without using the anime data.


Avatar information, sharing?

The fbx include the avatar information such as textures linkage, if you want to share the motion set to other avatar in your games, the fbx needed to include the avatar information. otherwise the rig mapping will fail.

and the avatar information did occupied some memmory, if you design not to share the avatar information better to remove all setting in “Model” tab.


Don’t import everything into one single files.

The original file of fbx which include model(pmx) & animation(vmd) are nearly 46mb

its because the avatar data & all information of the asset position, rotation, scale, etc, are included in that file.

export the avatar texture & mesh into one single file can be very small, in this case, 10mb for avatar data.

and the final export animation data only 16mb.

without avatar information can reduct to 9mb

Looking for the other way to convert VMD into FBX format

all this modification will harm the data integrity. and also the original VMD file are only 2.8mb, but after convert into fbx it growth to 9mb. which is unacceptable. looking for the other way to convert VMD into FBX format.




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