Rigidbody setup guide

Rigidbody setup guide

According to the Untiy3D Technologies on : https://forum.unity.com/threads/is-rigidbody-mass-its-mass-or-weight.366263/
Mass != weight, it depend on the gravity, so we should make it simple, use it’s example :

A truck around 1000kg, Tennis ball 0.1kg, we can map Kg to Unity’s mass.

A adult should be 197.6 Pound, Convert to Kg = 89.6Kg

Ref : https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320917#average-weight-of-men-in-the-us
Ref : https://www.unitconverters.net/weight-and-mass/lbs-to-kg.htm

Adult human (upright position) = 1.0–1.3

Ref : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drag_coefficient

The drag coefficient of any object comprises the effects of the two basic contributors to fluid dynamic drag: skin friction and form drag.

0.001Laminar flat plate parallel to the flow ({\displaystyle Re<10^{6}}{\displaystyle Re<10^{6}})
0.005Turbulent flat plate parallel to the flow ({\displaystyle Re>10^{6}}{\displaystyle Re>10^{6}}”>)</td></tr><tr><td>0.1</td><td>Smooth sphere ({\displaystyle Re=10^{6}}<img src=)
0.47Smooth sphere ({\displaystyle Re=10^{5}}{\displaystyle Re=10^{5}})
0.81Triangular trapeze (45°)
0.9-1.7Trapeze with triangular basis (45°)
0.295Bullet (not ogive, at subsonic velocity)
0.48Rough sphere ({\displaystyle Re=10^{6}}{\displaystyle Re=10^{6}})
1.0–1.3Wires and cables
1.0–1.3Adult human (upright position)
1.1-1.3Ski jumper[17]
1.28Flat plate perpendicular to flow (3D)[18]
1.3–1.5Empire State Building
1.8–2.0Eiffel Tower
1.98–2.05Long flat plate perpendicular to flow (2D)




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